Nowadays, the rapid development and prosperity of business force entrepreneurs to become more flexible and creative to stay competitive, as well as retain existing and attract new clients. Therefore, there is a need to represent projects, proposals, and services more effectively than yesterday. Here is a list of TOP Joomla Templates for Business Websites that will enable managers and business holders to be on the top of their game.

TOP 5 Joomla Templates for Business Websites

The first such a Joomla Template is Proconsult. It is an extremely convenient theme for developing an up to date website for various consulting and business projects. The reason is that it is loaded with different professional features and visual effects that allow a use to adjust the best line performance and enhanced operating. The burger menu built enables a user to keep the layout well organized and properly structured. In addition, due to multiple abilities, you can adjust this corporate theme of Joomla templates to any project required without making many efforts.

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The second representative of the TOP Joomla Templates list is a theme for Advertising Agency. It will introduce your advertising company in a perfect manner. To clarify, huge images are stylish and impressive while big typography is easily readable on a screen of any gadget. In turn, this Joomla Template possesses special ghost buttons with rounded corners making the theme even more appealing. In addition, trendy and bright colours, along with stylish polygons, grab visitors’ attention to the main part of the content. The newest projects are represented in a grid and appear with appealing hover effects. The essential information about a company is introduced below. Eventually, Google map is present, as well.

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The third TOP Joomla Template is called Corporate Consulting. The main advantage is its vivid look caused by blue and orange accents, colourful icons, and animated counters. In turn, attractive ghost buttons contribute to the modernity of a website. No less important is that the layout applies various sizes of imagery from a slider’s full-widths to article previews’ thumbnails. The main selling feature is presented by clearly and conveniently outlined tables of prices and testimonials that contribute to attracting more investment in a business. In terms of navigation, the theme has a mega menu allowing users to arrange multiple options into sections. Also, there is an ultramodern authorization tool enabling your target audience to register on a site by their social accounts.

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The fourth is Consulting Responsive Joomla Template. This attractive and stylish theme has sliced PSD, alternative module layouts, advanced customization options, back to top button and convenient commenting system that will enhance your interaction with the target audience. Besides, the convenience of the template is characterised by quickstart package, cross-browser compatibility, favicon, drop-down menu, and so forth.

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The last member of the TOP Joomla Templates list is Emplox. It can be called a multi-purpose employment Joomla theme. Therefore, it would be an extremely profitable investment for any businessperson. The reason is that by means of this product, you will be able to represent an attractive and attention-grabbing introduction for your web portal in a form of a large hero area. Besides, along with a huge variety of its unique features, there are animated counters that will make the presentation of hot offers more interesting and dynamic.


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