Are you a Chrome User? Yes! then you have had gone through tons of chrome extensions. Of course, these extensions are necessary and play a vital role during our browsing process. Nonetheless, chromes users are increasing day by day, and hopefully chrome would be best and top Internet browsers all over the globe.

Nowadays, there are millions of extensions that offer you a variety of benefits. However, when you search for any particular extension, it’s never been easy to land on the perfect one. Suppose if you were to block ads and pop ups, you would definitely Google “AdBlock” chrome extension. What If You Need A Text To Speech Extension? No doubt that Google always has millions of solutions. However, you would still find it difficult to find out the perfect extension that meets all your demands. So, to ease this uphill work, we have sorted out top 25 best chrome extensions of 2015 that will benefit you a lot and save your time. Let’s explore them!

Exposure New Tab


This extension allows you to upload some wonderful images along with some narratives. Moreover, it shows you a breathtaking image whenever you open a new tab.

15) Exposure New Tab



Make yourself greeted with a personal dashboard with a breathtaking background view. This extensions allows you to add your main task of the day, to-do’s, weather widget, quick link and many other great features.

1) Momentum

Figure It Out


This great chrome extension provides you with the current time of all locations around the globe. This extension can be great for people who work in a team sitting in different locations around the globe.

2) Figure It Out



Need some help? Try out the TACO extensions that help you out to access all your tasks management tool in one place. It can easily bring your tasks from ASAN, GitHub, Gmail, Trello, Zendesk and more than 40 other platform.




This extension provides you customized cards. This gives you an Instant access to your important things like bookmarks, history, recent download, etc. You just need to hit the “PLUS BUTTON” at the lower right corner.

4) CardBoard

Be Limitless


This extensions extract information on all your online activities and provie you with a detailed report. This lets you know how much time you spent on important sites and how much time you’ve wasted on useless sites.

5) Be Limitless

iChrome New Tab


This provides a customizable new tab with astonishing themes and tons of widgets. These widget include, weather widgets, stocks, to do’s, quotes, etc. You can add this extension to your chrome and enjoy the benefits.

6) iChrome New Tab



This great chrome extension gives you reminder about your priority works. You can edit settings and customize it according to your daily tasks and gives each a priority.

7) Priortab

Speed Dial 2


This extensions allows you to access you recently visited pages, bookmarks and history. It has a sleek design and offers the comfort to use it.

8) Speed Dial 2



It is a reading list with a humble design and a beautiful background. It allows you to choose from different topics to follow them.

9) Noosfer



As the name depicts, this app reminds you of your daily to do’s and how to manage them. This extensions can be a time saving for you.

10) Wunderlist

Juicy Drops


It fills up your new tab with a beautiful image that is extracted from Instagram feed. Moreover, this image randomly changes after a few seconds. So, every time you’ll see a new photo in front of you.

11) Juicy Drops



This extension gives you inspiration you’ve been looking for. It provides you with the best shots in design extracted from web. There is a filter on the left sidebar to limit or expand your search.

14) Muzli



You can download the Ritual Extension for chrome to make your new tab much more beautiful. Moreover, it doesn’t frustrate you with widgets, text, etc.

16) Ritual



This extension display your Instagram feed  on the right side in new tab. Moreover, it offers a beautiful layout design.

17) Instatab



This extension the inspiration you were looking for. You can easily sort out featured images, new images, most viewed images, etc.

18) Behance



Dribble provides you with the latest and popular shots to keep you updates all the time whenever you open a new tab.

19) Dribble

Random Wikiepedia


This extension increases your knowledge with some new Wikipedia information, every time you open a new tab.

20) Random Wikiepedia



This extension put forth an amazing question every time you open a new tab. The answer is hidden in the link below the question. All you need to do is think of the answer and hit show.

21) FlashTabs



This extension helps you learn Japanese with fun ways. It doesn’t forces on lessons and tests. When you’ll open a new tab, it will display card objects with their name in Japanese. You need to pick the right one.

22) Mainichi

Bark Buddy


This is the best extension for dog lovers. It updates you with the nearest dogs and puppies to adopt based on your location.

23) Bark Buddy

Animated Tabs


It kicks the boring stuff and adds something funny and interesting whenever you open a new tab. It shows some animated GIF’s to entertain you rather than seeing a blank page.

24) Animated Tabs

Tab Cola


This extension plays a great sound whenever you open a new tab. basically it is a sound effect not the whole music or song.

25) Tab Cola



This extensions also shows you a beautiful image of amazing places around the world in a new tab. Perhaps, you wouldn’t love it to be in your office or workplace.

12) Wandertab

Panda 4


It updates you with latest and popular content from the most popular websites like designer, developer, etc. It also allows you to change the layout so it matches your choice.

13) Panda 4



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