Smartphone have leaped forward quite a lot. There are several different technologies that you can use and a host of applications that allow you to accomplish multitudes of activities right from the palm of your hand.

This time around we are laying focus on the Windows Phone and we are all about videos. As you know, Windows Phones deliver few of the most amazing cameras that are able to shoot HD videos, we thought it is necessary to discuss a few applications which you could use to edit those videos.

The article is not only about video editing, we are also discussing top video players and remote video players in this list so buckle up and read on for more information about Top 15 Video Apps for Windows Phone. Let us know your experiences with these applications and as always, your comments are welcome.

Go Pro

15. Go Pro

GoPro is basically a gadget which you can wear on your person and record videos from your own point of view. It is water resistant and lightweight which makes it very convenient and portable. This particular application is made for you Windows Phone so you can remotely control your gadget via your smartphone. You could even choose to record videos and share them on your social networks with the application.


14. Vyclone

This particular application will allow you to record a video from multiple points of view. You can use it along with your friends to shoot from various different angles at the same time and upload the videos to the Vyclone server in order to have them edited as a single video. You can later edit the video with loads of different features if the need of editing still arises.

Video Tuner

13. Video Tuner

This particular application is rather new released by Microsoft for Windows Phone. It is a powerful application which can be compared to a desktop video editing app at any time. You can crop your videos, and even trim, flip, rotate videos, just to get the right size and angle on them. you can even adjust the color, speed and volume of the videos. Please note that this version is compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 and onwards.


12. Cinemagraph

With this particular application, you can bring your photos and images to life. It will work via capturing multiple frames of pictures and then use a smooth transition while combining them. Moreover, the application will provide you with various filters that you can use in order to get your desired effect. You can even choose to publish the resultant in a GIF format. Having said that, you can use it for the sole purpose of creating a GIF animation and publish them online.

Movie Maker

11. Movie Maker

If you are familiar with the Windows Movie Maker for desktop, this application should not be a big surprise. It will ship with almost all the features that you have access to on the desktop version. This application will let you combine videos, add images and audio, add transitions and even adjust the timeframe, along with various other features.

MoliPlayer Pro

10. MoliPlayer Pro

This application will cost you around 3 bucks but it is a very effective video player. It will support most of the popular formats and that includes AVI and MKV. It will also ship with a built-in browser which will include resources to stream online videos. That allows for convenience and quick access. You can also choose to play videos with subtitles.


9. Flixster

You can use this online service to stream movies. You can use this application to directly stream videos on to your Windows Phone. It will also deliver a lot of content regarding the movie that you are currently watching and may suggest different movies, along with displaying various charts so you can decide on your next movie. The ratings and reviews will be provided via Rotten Tomatoes. You can even use this service to watch trailers and teasers of other upcoming movies. This application is sure to keep you busy with loads of movies to catch up on. Just be careful, watching videos for longer duration will eat up your battery real quick, so make sure you have backups.

target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Roku

8. Roku

If you are looking to catch on your favorite TV shows and movies from various sources such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu, this is your resource to do so. If you already have a Roku player, this particular application will be an alternate remote control for your player. It will be able to detect if you have a Roku player installed in your home and will automatically establish connection to it. Think of it as a normal remote control allowing you to switch channels, increase volume and play movies etc.

VLC Remote

7. VLC Remote

VLC player is one of the more popular video player for desktop these days. It is a simple application with hosts of feature and support for multiple formats of videos. You can use this application to turn your device into a remote control by establish connection to your computer. You can play a movie, pause it, stop it, increase the volume and a whole lot more directly from your mobile. You just need to make sure that you PC and phone are using the same network.

Road Tracks

6. Road Tracks

Loads of things can happen if you driving around. This particular application will turn your windows phone into a dashcam. It is armed with GPS etc. It will automatically start recording your journey as soon as the car starts moving to keep a track and all.

Movie Moments

5. Movie Moments

You can use this application to turn any video into a memorable moment. You can trim your video, highlight your favorite parts, and use effects and captions. You can even add customized music with the video. It supports 60 seconds of video per file and is free to use and download.

Video Tuner

4. Video Tuner

Video Tuner will perform the best with Lumia Cyan software update. You can use this app to edit videos, apply filters, trim, flip, change speed, add music, mirror, rotate, and adjust exposure, saturations, volume, and contrast.

Video Editor 8.1

3. Video Editor 8.1

You can use this powerful video editor to add 25 different and awesome video effects to your videos. You can use this app to capture moments and edit them on the go. This allows you to create amazing slideshows, movies and photo-stories.

Final Cut Pro X: Advanced Editing

2. Final Cut Pro X- Advanced Editing

If you are not a big fan of editing via your phone, you can learn how to use Final Cut Pro on your Mac. This is an in-depth editing tutorial provided by Editor Michael Wohl who will guide your right from the basics to the professional level. The application costs around $4.49.


1. MovieJax

This is perhaps the simplest software out there. You can use it to create movies. Quickly capture the videos or add your own video. Add pictures, text and even your own background music to the captured video. You can then share it with your friends at the touch of a button.


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