A website is like the main face of the company. It needs to be very attractive for the visitors and explore its more prospects. It should hold the customers attention with the prospective of long term. Why? Because there is nothing better than having love at first sight. Having an ugly site turns off all the prospects of the customers who will usually seek their solutions to your competitor’s site. That is because their website looks like what they desire.

Starting a good website is the beginning point of doing any branding and marketing campaign. It doesn’t need to be said that a web designer should have all the tools up his sleeves to establish and sustain an online unbeaten presence. Having these tools apart from having technical knowledge how you will make sure that your website looks desirable and approachable to attract more traffic and generate business leads. Yes, design always wins. This mantra really works. To do this we need to search for those tools which can target all the aspects of a website like color, scheme, design, coding and grooming it for the day when it will be launched and unveiled for the rest of the world to see it. We have collection of Eight Best Tools for a Designers Toolbox Resources.

1) Graphic Tools:

We all know that any form of website or branding starts with an illustration and retouching the tools. The most popular of them are Photoshop and Adobe illustrator. But here is the thing, there is also life beyond illustrator and Photoshop, let check it out some tools that can paint the brightest picture for your online presence.


It has a great interface and can be used for producing vector graphics. Many of the existing apps weaknesses can be eliminated with this friendly application with high quality vector images to produce as the result. It is very useful and definitely easier to use if you are designing and developing IOS or Mac applications.

Affinity photo

This was released earlier this month on (July 2015) and it is already creating some waves in the designer’s community. This affinity photo is certainly a serious contender that fits in the challenge with top guns like Adobe Photoshop. It is meant for designers and is compatible with image file formats.


GIMP is open source software and also stands for making GNU image manipulation. Nowadays, it is available in the versions for windows, Mac and Linux. A wide range of tools available that is very easy option to choose, its tools are easy and handy to use. The developers made sure that there no compatibility issues with it. You will work with all the popular formats without any trouble.

2) Typography:

Another aspect for a great website design is typography. It will determine whether or not your website’s content looks pleasing and beholder. The font must be readable and should be in line with the overall color scheme. There are several typography tools with, you can begin with.


This tool is for Apple. It is a saying that inspiration comes without an announcement or warning. Whether you are sitting below in apple tree or in a sofa watching TV shows, if you like typefaces are then being app is for you, browse new creative samples and fonts and get inspired.


This is typically used to install a great variety of fonts for IPad and IPhone platform without the option of a risky jailbreak. Once it is installed this font can be used for other applications as well.


This has some cool options where photos give a colorful caption, a designing required so many possibilities and this one offers that much. You can create amazing artwork. If you do love candy, then you will definitely love font-candy.

Type- kit

It is a library used to add all kinds of fonts for web designing purposes. It is a subscription font that supplies thousands of fonts with partners with quick browsing, Easy to use on the web and endlessly typography inspirations.

3) Automatic design and coding:

Now we have tools for fonts and images. Let’s go down to the hard work. Do you wanted to a web designer, but scared to programming? Do you ever want to control your website’s coding? Don’t worry times have changed, but programming doesn’t look scary at all. We have apps for human needs to let try these out.


It provides you with an interesting range of web templates using UI designs for designer work. Which means you can take care of designs and codes generated as well.


This one is used to create colorful, minimal and amazing website designs. It is a responsive and simple design that allows you to easily and quickly build a website to view devices. It means that you can adjust the screen size without the need of separating the specific device. Time is a precious thing and with AMAZIUM your website setup works amazingly fast.


Bootstrap makes the font development easier and faster. It is made for the people with all the skill levels, and devices of all sizes, and projects as well. It is efficient and easily scales websites, applications with one single code from tablets to phones to desktops media queries.

4) Color Palettes:

 The color palette is like the main and basic ingredient that determines the success and failures of a design plan. Many tools are available with perfect palette design for you.


They are among them. In it you can create colors, save and lock them until we get the right combination of color palette of your own. It is great to use.

Color hunter

This color hunter provides color palette using images and choosing them. It is actually very useful tool if you can’t find any particular. This tool will create color palette chosen image to create your own color theme.


It is an excellent tool that allows you to upload an image and generate color scheme within. You can also download Adobe Swatch for your theme. That makes it very easy and quick to grab the colors the need to complement the photo.


This one is a colorful tool that acts like a great source of inspiration by sharing color palettes by the users. It is not a simple generation tool but it is worth to find happiness to discover.

5) Web based browser testing:

There is an endless combination for browsers these days, and many designers and developers have to make sure sites built with compatible all browsers. It is difficult to manually check browser for any given site. Some tools that we have outlined below such as,

Browser stack

It is an online web based browser testing tool that has an instant access to all the mobiles and desktop browsers. It has the ability to test the local servers with secure setup. It is a cloud based platform that no download is required.

Resize my browser

It is a tool that can resize the browser from using both inner and outer window. Users can manually resize the browser and easily viewed in the real time. It also has the button to help you between switching in between.

Cross browser testing

It is another tool to test browsers compatibility online. With it you can access 130 browsers about 25 different operating systems. It also prepares summary of many differences. You can also get screenshots of the images showing cross browser testing and helps you debug layout issues.

Browser shots

Another app that helps to test cross browser compatibility of websites, it is a free open source app having distinctive feature dividing the screenshot for creating with the other members of the community. It is a useful sample. But users have to wait till its screenshot is ready.

6) Online Coding Test:

With the trending development and technology of new apps on regular basis, it has become very difficult for the developers to develop websites that is compatible with all the platforms. However, there are some online tools for testing code snippets below.

Code pen

It is a recreation ground for the websites front and back. It is related to sharing, motivating and educating. This tool comes in handy to test a code to find out the bug and showcase your fellow designer’s feedback.


It provides the environment of developers where they can test codes or design the three major platforms. Like, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

CSS desk

It is an app that lets developers test CCS3 properties with shadow boxes as well as it helps to build templates for small web pages. The code appears on the left. It also allows you to download source codes into your system.

Write code online

Write code online is a tool that helps with basic PHP, URL and Java encoding. This app lets the users to see the results below text field where they enter codes. It requires some files as well. This app is good for smaller testing.

7) Online design inspiration:

Designers are always on looking for online tools that can help them make better designs for their websites. Presently there are so many tools available online some of them explained below.


A place where web designers, illustrator, logo, graphic, icon, and typographers share their creations, they also share their screenshots and feedback as well.

Design inspiration

It is a tool that inspires designers for creating new designs. This site has various designs from all over the world. This is the perfect place to look for current designing trends and find out what types of projects are being created.


Another good tool where designers can get live templates that can be used by them to drop their own creations and see how different devices work. It also helps users to take live images for their websites where they can see how the app really looks like.

8) Web based icons Finder:

Icons are very important part of the designing process. They can help the make the website more interactive and real. It is not easy to create icons it can take many hours to create and complete the need of your website. There are many websites that offer free icons you need check them before using them for commercial projects. Some of them are mentioned below.

Icon finder

It is a website with largest collection of icons. Over 340,000 icons in the stock to offer developers and other creative people, it also lets you contribute to the original work and earn loyalties in return.


It is another website that offers icons for designers and developers. With this tool, you can convert icons into web fonts. Great selection of icons you can download them, they are free as well.

Find Icons

Find Icons as an icon search engine that boosts the largest database of icons. The users can search the icons they want that is suitable for designing project. Everything with it is backend mascots and fronted and made specifically from the scratch.


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