The number of mobile growth and its rapid increasing of its devices have made many designers of UX jobs more difficult and full of interest. It has also been seen that users that use apps on mobiles and on websites has become the necessary element toolkit of UX.

Unlike the environment of the desktop, software out from the packages likes silverback and many others are specially designed to see all the records of usability of mobile tests.

Even though if you are not creating mobile apps, there are still some chances that you can still regulate the wide portion of traffic for your website using mobile. Running the tests on usability of mobiles is the best way to tell how the channel works for the customers.

A little bit hacking is required and doing experiments for years. We have found out the best hack which is available. If you are looking to test your androids or iPhone, then the solution is very easy which high quality and cost effective in every ways is.

Using old hack trick (duck tape and wires)

In the past we use sled for cameras and Smartphone’s to mount them in position which they record what is a user doing in the screen. In order to build a sled, we used to get acrylic from hardware stores and mold into the toaster.

By attaching webcam to molded sled using duct tape and mount phone with some strips of Velcro’s. That time the experience was not very good for any user, which could place the phone in his two hands to keep it steady.

Using old hack trick

If we speak technically, it was not trustworthy attempt. Where were using two of the camera apps open at some time which makes it perform flaky or it can get blackout in the middle of the settings.

And some issues were starting to come up on the screen to be frank it was a time waste attempt. Very stressful for the customers, in that time this was the best convenient solution we could understand.

Using a better (wireless) way:

If you are trying to test the software equipments then they need to be invisible for the every user. They need an environment which is natural having not any, sleds, cameras, duct tape or wires.

wireless charging mobile phones

UX team focuses on the learning process, which is not a sweating or worry about having the blackouts again.

We would like to introduce the very easy set up that can achieve all your desired goals. User has to focus on the phones and regularly use it even in the training classes of ours.

We will test the usability of the phones using, Mac-Book record device. This will reach to work with PC’s windows as well.

1) Install the software:

The incredible way to install the setup is from air-play technology of apple. It is software that gives you wireless stream videos and music on the Television of Apple.

You will get this software in $15 Reflector, it will make the Smartphone’s screen showed on your laptop. You don’t need the external camera for that. It is called the screen capture software. Our most favorite is screen-flow which you can get in $99. It is good for its reliability. Users who use laptop camera will record every sessions of it during the test.

2) Set up your Monitor

It is an optional step, it minimizes some distractions for users, and they won’t see any big version of phone on their laptop in front instead on the monitor.

2) Set up your Monitor

Use the external cable from Mac-Book to your monitor. If both are showing the same exact thing, then they are in front of someone. Open the system preference and go to the displays and unchecked the mirror displays.

3) Set the Reflecting Light up

3) Set the Reflecting Light up

If you want phone to begin beaming with laptop. Open the REFLECTOR light on the Mac and you will see its icon in the left side of the top screen.

4) Reflect the smart-phone:

It is time for the interesting part, if you use I-phone then swipe it from the bottom screen and allow the air-play. Then use Mac-Book list for reflecting it to activate it. Just get it on the external monitor just remember both use Wi-Fi networks at the same time.

5) Set the screen-flow up:

5) Set the screen-flow up

Select the screen-flow and start to record the box that appears in the middle, just adjust the three things including,

  • Record it from the desktop:

Make sure the selected monitor is in the lower menu for example, (2270w)

  • Record it from the video:

Select the high definition camera from the default option

  • Record it from the audio:

Select and check the microphone which is built in.

6) Begin recording for test:

6) Begin recording for test

Directly position it in Mac-book. You will see the preview of it and select the large button in red to initial the recording.

As you are seeing the action on monitor, User which is sitting in the front can use its phone easily. Not any things like cameras or wires are needed.

In its screenshot down you can see that one user is playing Spot-iffy in I-phone. It can capture all the picture to picture display of the user with the testing of usability.

You will see that recording has not shown any of the fingers of user interacted with device. But still the benefits of this awesome technique are countless.


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