JQuery Carousel sliders are extremely vital for all business portfolios and website templates. Both full screen image sliders and horizontal carousel image sliders go well with any website design and work perfectly well with each other. Considering the size of the website, the slider size may vary in a way that the slider should be one by third of a website page. This is where the carousel sliders enter and they also bring with them a stack of transition effect and also a responsive layout. Normally, the ecommerce websites are the ones which benefit the most from these JQuery carousel sliders. This is primarily because of their need to flaunt several images in an individual post or page.

We have gathered over here 25 jQuery carousel plugins sliders which you may use to better suit your requirement.

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  1. AngularJS Touch Carousel

Demo Download

This is an optimized carousel specifically for mobile devices which can be implemented in your html through adding “rn-carousel” feature. This touch carousel also has customizable transitions in addition to the option such as delay auto slide and many more.


  1. Cross browser 3D Carousel

Demo Download

This is a 3D carousel which also supports all primary browsers which have css transformed support. Another plus point on this carousel is that no JavaScript coding is required since it is possible to make this carousel work simply by having some dependency modules such as jquery, modernizer, waitforimages, JavaScript-detect-element-resize with you.


  1. ItemSlide.js

Demo Download

This is a plain touch carousel slider which offers great transitions such as swipe up/out, full screen touch based system, including swipe left/right.


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  1. PgwSlideshow – Responsive slideshow

Demo Download

The most attractive thing about this carousel is its less than 4KB size, which lets you easily manage it over your site. All the options are present on the demo page for your to use it.


  1. Client Testimonials Carousel

Demo Download

This is a jquery and CSS stimulated carousel which is specifically formulated for the testimonial on your site.


  1. Slick – Modern Carousel Slider plugin

Demo Download

This carousel aims at being your one step solution for all kinds of slider carousel requirements. It enables the users to use it on mobile devices and desktop to let you browse through images as fast as you want. This carousel also offers several other features which make it all the more appealing.


  1. Owl Carousel 2.0 – Touch enabled jQuery plugin

Demo Download

This carousel works both for newbies as well as advanced users. It is an updated version of carousel slider with many updated features. It offers several features which include drag and drop support and several others.


  1. Silver Track

Demo Download

This carousel is known for its light weight and useful features which can be used to build a small core slider. This affects your website minimally and you can set it to browse through several galleries.


  1. AnoSlide – Ultra lightweight Responsive jQuery Carousel

Demo Download

This is an updated version of its older version which offers several new features now. In addition to that it is extremely light weight and allows you to view multiple images in carousel view.


  1. Owl Carousel – Jquery Carousel Slider

Demo Download

It is a touch and drag jQuery plugin which can be conveniently used with your HTML code. It is one of the best plugins out there and also enables you to create several new responsive sliders.


  1. 3D Carousel Gallery

Demo Download

This carousel uses a bit of CSS 3D transformation and JavaScript to give you wonderful sliders.


  1. 3D Carousel Using TweenMax.js & jQuery

Demo Download

It is a wonderful plaugin which enables you to create your own sliders.


  1. Bootstrap Carousel

Demo Download

It is a fully responsive bootstrap slider which is just perfect for your new website.


  1. Bootstrap Moving Box Carousel

Demo Download

This is a carousel which is mostly used in all types of portfolio websites.


  1. Tiny Circleslider


Much as the name shows, this is a tiny carousel with a minimal resolution which makes it easy to use on mobile devices. It is a circular slider which can be used as a substitute for other sliders.


  1. Thumbelina Content Slider


This is a powerful carousel which is used for contemporary websites and devices. In addition to that it works both vertical and horizontal. In addition to that it is also very light weight which makes it all the more convenient to use.


  1. Wow – Carousel Slider

Demo Download

This carousel offers about 50 features which make it all the more unique and appealing.


  1. bxSlider – The Responsive jQuery Content Slider

Demo Download

This slider offers you 50 options and also flaunts powerful options with several transition effects.


  1. jCarousel

Demo Download

This carousel helps you manage the gallery items with its unique and powerful options. In addition to that it offers a well optimized slider which is great for well optimized mobile platforms.


  1. Scrollbox : jQuery Plugin

Demo Download

It is a light weight plugin which helps you develop your carousel slider and also features some vertical and horizontal scroll effect.


  1. dbpasCarousel

Demo Download

It is a basic carousel which you can easily use on your website. It also works well if you are looking for a fast paced plugin because of its minimal features.


  1. Flexisel : jQuery Responsive Carousel Plugin

Demo Download

This carousel offers a great slider system on mobiles and tablet devices. It has a fully responsive layout for mobile devices and works well on several browsers.


  1. Elastislide – A responsive image carousel

Demo Download

This slider easily adapts to all sorts of screen sizes and you can also assign a minimum number of images to it. It also works well with all galleries.


  1. FlexSlider 2

Demo Download

This slider is made free for public by Woothemes and one of the best sliders among their which are fully responsive.


  1. Amazing Carousel

Demo Download

This scroller has a fully responsive code and is created for multiple cms like Word press, Drupal and Joomla. This carousel supports android, IOS and desktop variants and gives you no compatibility issues.

Amazing Carousel


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