Website templates are a ready-made web page that can be utilized and customized for multiple projects. These templates very in design and layout. The theme depends mainly on the design, target visitors, and other factors. Managing all such factors on your own can be daunting and tricky. In such a condition, a web template can prove to be a lifesaver, especially for the developers and designers. Free PSD website templates can of great benefit for web developers who want to save some extra time and money and also for people who are short on budget for hiring designers.

So, here is a collection of some great Free PSD Website Templates for web designers and developers. Have a look at them!

Photo time

1) Photo time

It is a simple and minimalistic design with trouble free UI for your readers. There is a header that makes it interesting with an enticing photographic background. The contrasting navigation bar on the top adds some extra taste to the overall design. The PSD has 1280 x 3595px template that allows you editing it in your way.

Trekking Store

2) Trekking Store

It is an e-commerce website template with a clean and minimal design that is easy to navigate. The header boasts a background image with a contrasting white text overlay making it simpler and elegant. The footer also features a simple design, yet offers plenty of space. This PSD is in 1280x3064px with all of the element editable.


3) Elegant

It is a responsive and a multi-purpose theme with HTML and CSS files and JS files for JavaScript. The large header on the top utilizes background image and CSS animation to the mouse pointer. The top right corner has an expanding menu where you can insert your link. Elegant is a theme that offers you one of the most intuitive interfaces for your website.

Black and White

4) Black and White

The template is in real black and white colored with a beautiful and minimalistic design. The header is fully white, and the navigation bar on top with menu options gives you maximum options for customizing your website as per your needs. This template comes in 1920×5787 pixels canvas size.

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New Retro Portfolio

5) New Retro Portfolio

Despite being a single page web template and a beautiful vintage touch, Retro offers you a clean and intuitive design with tons of features and a noise pattern with stitches that adds additional design to your website’s theme. The template dimensions are 2800×9136 pixels


6) Liberty

It is a basic web template with a single page feature that is made of HTMl5 and LESS. It features a big header with a background customizable background image. Moreover, there is a contact form and social icons along with back-to-top arrow at the end of page. This free web template for web designers comes in 1600×7956 pixels.

Single Page Portfolio

7) Single Page Portfolio

Another free web template with a green theme navigation bar and a main header with a huge background photo. You can use this template for you designs and projects, and also optimize it perfectly for your visitors. It is downloadable and free to use.



A multi-purpose template with Retina display gives you a clean and minimalistic modern grid layout making your website presentable. The header has logo, social icons, contact information, address, etc. and many other options to customize.

Comedy Central Concept

9) Comedy Central Concept

This template is inspired from Comedy Central that is an American TV channel. It features a navigation bar that is placed on the left and has an expanding menu. It also contains a trending banner and a gallery of artists in a grid layout style making it presentable. You can download it for free.


10) Bicycle

Another single page web template that boast multitude of styles and features including flat elements with a vintage theme colors and a grid styled gallery. All of the features collectively give it a magnificent design making it appealing to the visitors.


11) Starnight

It is a free PSD website design with a beautiful and elegant layout that promotes the actual apps or the ones designed for mobiles and tablets. Its modern design incorporates pastel colors and flat elements that are mixed with an elegant touch. This template is in 1600×4500 dimensions and is free.

Travel Video Book

12) Travel Video Book

Another minimalistic and clean web design template that is perfect for travel enthusiasts. You can share your videos and images of trips with your users. This theme has a logo, text buttons, search box and an avatar. You can fully edit the PSD file as per your needs.


13) Trendy

Trendy is a beautiful collection of PSD templates that is divided into two versions. One is the light, and the other one is dark. The dark versions make use of color combination of black and brown while the light version uses black and white color in classic style. There are blog pages, social icons, and many other features to edit and customize.

Modus Versus

14) Modus Versus

Modus Versus offers you a huge collection of web templates with 11700px (12 column) grid system guide. This PSD is perfect for responsive frameworks like Bootstrap 3.0. You can use this template for any purpose like website for app promotion or corporate websites, etc. It contains a pack of 15 PSD templates.


15) Resto

Resto is among the cleanest and minimalistic website template for web developers and designers that is made specifically for restaurants. The homepage features white header with logo and a navigation bar with menu options. Moreover, there is features dishes and gallery of foods. The large footer is perfect to accommodate different items like address, contacts, and other information as you like. This PSD is organized into layers that are labeled, groups and colored tagged for convenient recognition. You’ll find all of its elements in vector shapes, thus allowing you rescaling it without sacrificing the quality.

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