Adobe Photoshop is a powerful application that can not only let you create graphics from scratch but also let you apply amazing effects to the images you take.

Using those effects appropriately will make you feel like nothing short of an actual professional photographer. Having said that, professional photographers too use Photoshop to no bounds. One of the biggest advantages of Photoshop is that it allows you to repeat your actions in an easier way without having to go through all the initial steps. These are called actions. Basically they are a one-click solution to otherwise host of different steps.

This particular list talks about 50 free Photoshop actions that will let you create amazing effects with your regular images. They are free to use as suggested by the title and we certainly hope that you can put the following actions to good use. Let us know what you think, and as always, your comments are welcome.

Night to Twilight

This is a collection of eleven different actions for you to convert your night-time pictures to twilight photos.

50. Night to Twilight

Vintage Light Leaks

These actions have been created using gradients in order to add flexible vintage effects to your pictures. Free version includes five different leaks.

49. Vintage Light Leaks

3D Map

If you are looking to convert a vector map into a 3d isometric render, these are the actions for you. Work with sand, ice or grass.

48. 3D Map

Hard Lomo Action

These particular set of actions will help you add lomo-look to your images. Almost like an instagram effect, but way better in my opinion.

47. Hard Lomo Action


Use these actions if you are looking to add a little retro to your pictures. The effects are inspired by 35mm film and processing techniques making it look rather original.

46. RetroFilters

Cross-processing ATN

When you use a chemical solution that is intended for another type of film for a different type, the concept is known as cross-processing. These actions will give let you perform the same digitally.

45. Cross-processing ATN

Purple contrast

If you are a big fan of purple use these actions to give your images a purple hue by washing out all the other colors.

44. Purple contrast

Sunlight actions

Five different actions are included in this set in order to enhance your sunlit photos digitally.

43. Sunlight actions

Bright eyes

Add a little sparkle and twinkle to otherwise dull looking eyes digitally by using these actions.

42. Bright eyes

High Key

You can use this action to convert your normal images to high-quality portraits. Using these actions will ensure that the contrast remains the same and you get a high-key result.

41. High Key

Sun Kissed

Give your images a digital sunlight effect with these actions. You can use these to brighten up even the most dull pictures you have.

40. Sun Kissed

High Definition Sharpening

Sharpening does not always work since it messes up with the quality and you know something is going on. Use these actions for a simple one-click solution to that issue.

39. High Definition Sharpening

Bella Action

If you are looking to add a clean warmth to your pictures, you will be satisfied with these actions.

38. Bella Action

Vintage Neon

Vintage is all the hype these days, and these actions will do justice to those perfect vintage affects you are always on the lookout for.

37. Vintage Neon

Magic 3D

If you are looking to create amazing 3D affects with texts, shapes and even layers, you will be satisfied with these 3D actions.

36. Magic 3D

Polanoid Generator 3

Polaroid photos seem like a thing of the past, but they aren’t yet obsolete. Use these actions to get that amazing Polaroid affect.

35. Polanoid Generator 3

Soften Skin Effect

This action will smooth skin while saving the textures and colors. This saves you time and gives you a beautiful effect altogether.

34. Soften Skin Effect

The Mini Collection

This mini collection of actions includes various effects including retro looks, a kit of light leaks and some vintage brushes.

33. The Mini Collection


If you are familiar with lithographs, this will give you what you are looking for. It will work best on larger images that have been treated with a medium contrast.

32. Lithprint

Wedding Enhancers Kit

This set of eleven different actions will make wedding photography easier by creating common portrait effects easily.

31. Wedding Enhancers Kit

Pencil Draw

This particular action will use contrast in order to find edges of an image and then give it a perfect pencil-sketch look.

30. Pencil Draw

HDR Action

HDR images lack in contrast. These actions will help you get your images back in contrast.

29. HDR Action

Old Photo Action

Turn your modern photography into old photography using these actions.

28. Old Photo Action

Portrait Action

If you are looking to turn your images into stylish portrait, these actions will appropriately desaturate the colors.

27. Portrait Action

Split Toning Action

The gap between color and greyscale is called split toning, allowing for a dramatic effect. You can create that effect using this action.

26. Split Toning Action

Amatorka Action 2

Give your images an action-movie-ish look by using these actions via increased contrast and rich saturation.

25. Amatorka Action 2

Photoshop Color Actions 2

These actions include a nice range of color treatments for your images including but not limited to bleach bypass and grainy black and white.

24. Photoshop Color Actions 2


You can use this action in order to create round stickers with curling corners. You will need to register for free with the site for the download to be available.


1930s Glitter Text

Give your text a nice, shiny, 3D, glittery effect using this action. You adjust everything once you have applied the action too.

22. 1930s Glitter Text

Gum Bichromate Print

This particular action will let you emulate the gum bichromate print from the 19th century onto your modern pictures.

21. Gum Bichromate Print

Vintage Collection

For all those vintage effect fans out there, this set of 14 actions will satisfy the vintage image hunger we all have.

20. Vintage Collection

Stamp Generator

Turn your images into postage stamps using this action.

19. Stamp Generator

Denim & Leather

This action will automatically create a blue denim texture and it will sew a leather tag on with your artwork embossed.

18. Denim & Leather


Make a normal portrait look as if you photographed a model using these actions. It utilizes the soft-glow effect to its full potential.

17. Modelize

Remove White Background

This is one of the more handy actions if you are looking to remove a white background from an image. Very handy and quick.

16. Remove White Background


If you are looking to make a particular part of an image stand out, this action will let you exaggerate your desired focal point.

15. Spotlight

Paper Fold

Give any picture a 3D folded paper like effect with this action. You will only be able to give to folds, dividing the image into three parts, so to speak.

14. Paper Fold

Long Shadow

This action will allow you to add long shadows to your text. You can adjust the opacity of the shadow manually as well.

13. Long Shadow

Triptych Generator

This action will allow you to create 3x triptych panels for print with various different print sizes included at 288dpi depth.

12. Triptych Generator

Art of Decay

If you are looking to create an effect that makes your images really old, this action is for you.

11. Art of Decay

Black and White

This particular action is for all the black and white lovers out there.

10. Black and White

Page Curl

Give your photos a flexible photo-book like effect by curling the pages with this action.

9. Page Curl

Dramatic Sepia

This action will offer a refined version of the Sepia effect usually available to us. It communicates a sense of age.

8. Dramatic Sepia

Thinking of You

This particular effect will add a green-cast, film-ish effect to your pictures. Make a regular picture look like a movie poster.

7. Thinking of You


This is another action if you are looking to create a movie poster look out of ordinary images. It introduces a blue-green tint.

6. Unspoken

Action 3D

This action, as the name suggests, will add a 3D effect to your images. The sort of effect you will need your glasses for.

5. Action 3D

Black and White Action

This will add a black and white filter on top of your pictures with a rich vignette.

4. Black and White Action


If you are looking for an effect just like that of a toy camera, this action will do just that for you.

3. Holgarizer

HipstaRev – Pack 1

Use these set of actions in order to create hipstamatic-style images inside Adobe Photoshop.

2. HipstaRev – Pack 1

Outer Space

This action will create an outer space background. The background will include space dust, stars, gases etc. to make it realistic.

1. Outer Space


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