Photography is a form of art, used to portray what you feel or witness, using the visual media. But even though the difference between a good and a great photographer might seem little, but practically it takes a lot of effort and skill to attain that level of expertise.

In this post we would be talking about some free photography tutorials which would help you jump start your passion. These tutorials for beginners consists of detailed and blow by blow analysis of various photography techniques and methods you should adopt, to capture a stunning moment. Read on and find out what these freebies have in store for you.

Flash Photography Tutorial


This tutorial consists of a 78 page ebook that provides valuable insight about understanding ambient lighting and distinguishing between hard, soft, natural or whether to opt for an external flash. You can understand the relation between shutter speed, ISO and f-stops. This tutorial will polish you flash photography skills and allow you to capture vibrant images, with less noise and great definition.

Free Photoshop Actions


All photos captured by your camera needs to be cultured and edited, to give it a distinct look and make it more attractive. To do so, using different lens and filters is the key. But you can also bring similar results without the expensive equipments by simply modifying the images digitally. This set of free protoshop actions also consist of some attractive

Street Photography Techniques


This collection consists of an immensely powerful ebook which provides detailed insight regarding the various techniques and perspectives you need to inculcate, in order to capture an intimate or emotional scene. It also teaches you all the camera settings and exposure that you need to abide by to get the ultra real portrait shots. Thus it’s a great resource to jump start photography for beginners.

DSLR Photography Tutorial


You would be amazed to find the quality of video clips you can record using your DSLR. Well, of course there are some tricks of trade. In this filmography tutorial by Ryan Koo, you would get to know the various other important gears you would be requiring to make your DSLR work like a pro video camera.

Movie Poster Template


A movie poster is all about telling the tale using a single page. Using this useful poster template you can use your best pictures and instantly turn them into attractive movie posters. It is a great way of creating a portfolio and showcasing your creations to your clients and friends.


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