The advertisement has become an important & integral part of any business nowadays. The companies have started opting for various mediums to increase the advertising, marketing and gradually the same leads to the increased sales. The internet has narrowed the world down to a single platform by using the World Wide Web (WWW) services. The Internet has come up with an era that has opened new gates for the business terms. The search engines have played a large role in terms of efficient usage of internet is concerned. The Pay per Click (PPC) is the well-known internet marketing model and Google AdWords is the type of PPC service offered by Google.

The Google AdWords and Par per Click (PPC), both the advertisement methods are in usage to make the money through advertisement on the internet. There are various companies which are offering such types of services and schemes such as Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and much more.

What is Pay per Click (PPC)? :-

The Pay per click is the most popular tool of advertisement that helps to generate & increase the traffic on your websites. Such schemes are usually provided in the collaboration with the search engines under the marketing campaign of the search engines. Under Pay per click, when a user visits your website and clicks on your add, then you are supposed to pay the certain minimum amount to the search engine. Hence, it is mainly used to attract the customers to your website and increase the number of views. PPC Advertising is also known as “Keyword Advertising”. Such websites can be identified with the targeted keywords. This is basically used to check the profitability and cost-effectiveness in terms of internet marketing.


What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is the most popular tool when it comes to pay per click (PPC), especially in terms of small businesses. There are two reasons behind the popularity of the same that is (1) Reputation & Company image of Google and (2) It is easier for small business to control the costs. Google AdWords is the powerful tool to display your advertisements as well. In a way, one can say that Google AdWords is the extended version of the PPC advertisements. This is an easy tool to manage. The ads, which have to publish on the AdWords are subject to approval from the Google, however, the approval process for the same is quite simple and quick.

Pay per Click vs. Google AdWords:-

Pay per click scheme has been exploited by people in various ways. Few people have been using the automatic soft wares to generate the larger amount of clicks on the respective websites. It is the unethical practice that has been followed because such practices are banned by the publishers. When it comes to AdWords, it is one of the stringent process followers and stricter company as far as advertisements are concerned. The company ensures that the stuff related to hacking or any unethical practice or any medical terminologies are not advertised. The company further ensures that trademarked or copy righted names or words should not be used by the competitor company on Google AdWords.

what is adword

As far as pay per click is concerned, you pay to the search engine whenever a viewer visits your website by clicking the ad displaying in the search result. Here, the ads will be displayed on the SERP that is Search Engine Result Page or on the websites where your keywords are identified. The payment for per click will be dependent on how much you are willing to bid as far as targeted words are the concern. The high you bid, the more and better chance you will have to get your ad displayed on the page. But, in Google AdWords, it also depends on the quality score. In the Google AdWords, the higher quality score you maintain, the more are the chances for your ad to get displayed on the page.

PPC Advertisements contain only one feature, however, when it comes to the Google AdWords, it contains a variety of the services. Rather, PPC is a type of online advertising schemes wherein AdWords is a complete advertising service that is provided by Google.

Contentmart has come up with complete guidelines & information with respect to Google AdWords and Pay per Click for its writers. This practice ensures delivery of quality ad copies to the content seekers.


PPC advertising is one of the profitable businesses, especially when it comes to work-from-home concept. There are many online guides and tutorials available to promote the business with the help of that. However, using Google AdWords provide a different learning exposure altogether. The person has to first link the Google account for the login credentials and then he/she can use it effectively. AdWords has the nice set of features. Also, it provides the online tutorial that is easy to use and implement in the practice.


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