The world has changed a lot and it continues to evolve. Innovation signifies that the past has been left out and we are facing a better future. The development in technology surpassed the discoveries that were introduced centuries ago.

Work turnaround has increased pace in all aspects, whether in real estate, corporate, and even in education. You could feel the digital era, witnessing its grandeur unfolding before our very eyes. It is even included in education as to how to teach kids programming. The young ones can even exceed older generations because of the exposure and acceptance they show. Everyone has access to digital devices where they can even connect online simultaneously. The ingenuity of this age with the introduction of the kids’ programming make the future certain and bright. In order to go with the flow, here are the top 12 Best Teach┬ákids programming tools that can be included not just in the school curriculum, but even at home.


This tool allows one to make animations, making it very entertaining to its main audience. This is a 3D programming where kids can play interactively or share a video. It gives them hands-on experience in creating animated films and even basic video games.



This helps parents at home to teach kids programming. With this, they can make graphics, write their own stories, develop simple games, and others. You are not going to shell out a single cent on this. It is free of charge. You also have access to music, animated objects, graphics, and sound effects. Kids can even enjoy scanned pictures.


Hackety Hack

This is a straightforward programming tool that teaches simple steps and principles on this subject. Even adults who do not have any experience working any specific programming tool can use this. Hackety Hack is made out of the Ruby programming language that is known when developing computer applications and graphical interfaces.



The program affirms that programming is not limited to those who are technically inclined. This is developed for the benefit of everyone. Hopscotch teaches every element of programming to children in an easier manner. This can be downloaded for free if you have an iPad. This way, your kids will not just play, but they can also develop or create animations, games, and even stories interactively using drag and drop methods. They can even shake the iPad or even tilt it with no worries since its purpose is to make programming fun and enjoyable.



This is another free app for iPad users that is made to teach kids programming to those who belong to 5 years and up. Such is possible because the interface is child-friendly and simple to understand. It also provides instructions on how to play the programming that will be enjoyed by 2nd to 12th graders.


Lego Mindstorms

Lego is a popular brick-building game in the history of toys. Recently, this became educational through the programming command box where kids can use motors, sensors, and of course codes for languages to create robots.



The language that it uses is ROBO that do not require complicated instruction or even prior knowledge in the world of programming. It aims to make robots on two-dimensional grid platforms; making them complete basic tasks. This is where children enjoy artificial intelligence. This programming app is free for 30 days, but you have to purchase it thereafter.



Just like other programming tools on this list, it allows children to make their stories, games, and animations which they can share online through Scratch.



This is a drag and drop programming tool that can be played in Apple, Android, Windows, and Linux devices. This provides an opportunity for kids to play or run this app anytime they want while developing or honing their programming skills.



This is developed to help kids to be creative. They can design their stories through animation, projects, and games, and even share this app online. This is more of a visual programming that does not require codes and syntaxes. It can be accessed for free that allows you to teach kids programming in a more convenient way.



This programming tool allows kids to make files, enjoy playing several features of it through the descriptions provided for those elements. This is best achieved using the drag and drop process that will help kids to exercise their visual skill since Waterbear is a visual programming language.



  1. Thanks for the shout out! ­čÖé Just to clarify, Kodable is primarily suited for students K-3rd, but we do have users ranging from Pre-K to Middle School. We have not been used in high school though.


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