It is a great time to be a programmer. According to a study made by the Labor statistics bureau U.S., Software developer jobs all over the world are expected to rise a good 8% over the course of the next few years. Decent coders can make around 300$ per hour.

The content director at Lynda, Doug Winnie, in an interview revealed what he thought were the best programming languages of the age. Here are what he thinks are the languages you should know to end up a hot shot programming master.


We have List of 15 Best Programming Languages You Need to Learn. You can take a look list, but we have make a random programming language list. You can also add your favorite programming language, how it will effective for you. You can share your thoughts with audience.

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Java software is cost efficient, innovative, and improves services. Java is a popular choice for programmers all over the world due to its versatility. It is class based, concurrent and object-oriented. It allows you to write code once and then use it basically anywhere. It allows developers to construct scalable internet applications for a range of users. Android applications for phones and tablets are mainly built on Java.


Javascript is used by almost every present day website. It has been the language of choice for innovative web developers and enthusiasts. It is ideal to build the user interface. You can even use the ever popular available frameworks if you do not want to start from scratch.


C# is primarily used for work on Microsoft frameworks. Whether you want to build modern day web apps or desktop applications for corporations, C# will help you take full advantage of everything that Microsoft offers. Even if your objective is developing games then C# will be great considering that the unity game engine supports C# as a primary language.


Php is an excellent choice if you’re planning to work with a considerable amount of data. It combined with databases such as MySQL, are very handy when it comes to building modern internet applications. PHP is the language behind today’s powerful CMS and other data management based websites like WordPress.


C++ is one of the more basic programming languages. It allows you to communicate directly with your hardware, making it a necessity for any hardcore programmer. C++ gives you the ability to take full advantage of the processing power of your computer. It is ideal for developing desktop based software and games for mobile and console-based devices.


Ever heard of the phrase “Jack of all trades, king of none”? Well, python is that jack of all trades in programming languages. Python is used in a variety of applications such as internet apps, desktop software, databases and even big data analysis.


C has been around for a very long time now it is still as strong and popular as it was then. The reason for that is fairly simple. Size. It is small and works efficiently and is perfect for any kind of job out there. Whether it be embedded system software, working with system kernels, or just making most of the processor, C is just perfect.


This is the age of big data. Data is everywhere and is intertwined. SQL allows you to retrieve exactly the information you desire with efficiency and ease. With SQL extracting data from huge complex databases is a piece of cake.


Ruby is one of the most straightforward programming languages out there. It is very easy to learn and is also pretty powerful. It is perfect if you are wanting to kick start a project or a new idea for an app. It already powers a lot of web apps despite being relatively new.


Objective-C is the foundation of IOS apps. If you want to make an app for apple’s app store you will have to know Objective-C. Considering apple’s stake in the market objective-c is a must know the language for all app developers out there.


Perl is confusing. Be that as may be but Perl is also an extremely powerful programming language and is key to any cyber security program. Perl has been around for quite a long time not and is an essential for any developer out there.


.Net isn’t really a language itself. It is an important component of the Microsoft framework for a variety of services ranging from cloud to app development. Due to Microsoft’s recent open sourcing initiatives, it will soon be a part of other known platforms such as google and apple. With the recent updates and releases.Net just seems to be getting more valuable to the developer community.

Visual Basic

This is a very practical language when it comes to efficiency and functionality. It allows you to streamline your work accomplishing most tasks without all the hard work of setting it all up.


Big data analysis is one of the most emerging fields of today’s age. R is the language behind the uprising of big data. From science to entertainment, R’s variety of uses can be applied to every field.


Swift is the youngest programming language in this list. And the reason for its inclusion is the list is the number of heads it has turned. It is fast and efficient and fairly easy to learn.


  1. So, that’s load of bollocks regarding PHP. I mean, it’s not better at dealing with data than any other language. In fact I’d argue it’s worse at it due to it’s lack of actual datatypes.
    Database bindings are available for mostly every language there is so that’s not a valid point either.

    Many seems to think highly of it due to a rumour that Facebook is using PHP, “hence it must be handling data really well”.
    That’s simply not true, a lot of the front-end at Facebook uses a different PHP implementation called HPHPc, which basically compiles the code, rather than interpreting it. And that’s not even what deals with the data, Facebook authors a lot of different systems all written in lower-level languages such as C, C++ and Java to deal with data.

    I’d never recommend a language designed by a person who doesn’t enjoy programming.


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