It is a fact that each and every kind of professional field makes this requirement to spend maximum time of yours on your PCs. So, you need to make sure that your PC productivity and personal productivity go side by side. Each one of us is in need of a fast and an effective computer system so that our daily tasks can be facilitated in a smoother way. Check out these Top 12 and Free Windows Productivity Apps which You Should Download! These are one of the effective tools and you should try them as soon as possible.

  1. Free download manager

At times, we get stuck with our downloading issues. We need to have such kind of tool that can meet our downloading needs. You can try this Free download manager tool. This tool will come out to be a miracle for you. If you will use this tool then it can well enhance and boost your downloading speed 5 times faster.

Free download manager

  1. SimpleOCR

For the information OCR stands for optical character recognition. This tool is a must for your PC. This tool can carry out OCR scanning for your PC. It can read both of the printed text and also hand written text. No doubt that it is one of the reliable tools because it can well extract your handwritten text in an effective way.


  1. Everything

If you want to find and look for some bunch of files and also folders then this is the tool all made for you. It is a superior tool and can make your work of finding your files lot more easier. Though it is a tiny tool but it has this ability to show keywords for you as well.


  1. Tree size

Many of the users want to have a look at the details of their data allocation right on their drives. What they should do? They can use this tool! This tool makes use of some 3D charts in order to make an identification of these allocated spaces. Now, you can easily sort out your old files and folders and can make suitable space for your new files.


  1. Phrase Express

Many of the PC users really want to make a collection of those words and phrases which they use on a daily and regular basis. You can use this Phrase Express tool for this particular task. This tool can let you to create custom text kind of snippets. You only have to give a command and this custom text can right away emerge in your document.


  1. Autoruns

It is one of the powerful tools. It can give you some extensive sort of details with regard to your startup programs. Through this tool, you can easily make a list of those files and also programs which you want in your startup with Windows.


  1. Quick access popup

It is one of the most helpful tools because it can let you to have an access of all of your important files in less time. This tool comes with a popup menu and this menu comprises of lots of handy shortcuts. This tool too add locations in your folders and programs so that you can access them in a quicker way.

Quick Access Popup

  1. Rocket Dock

This tool almost works in a similar way like that of Quick access popup. The only difference is that it consists of items dock. To add program shortcuts, to add windows functions right in your dock, to access these programs- this is the tool recommended for you.

Rocket Dock

  1. Rambox

To have an easy access of your emails and also messaging services, you should try using this tool. This tool allows you to lock all your accounts just by using a master password. You can use its tab management system as well in order to have a link up with your entire communication channels.


  1. Ditto

It is an advanced kind of clipboard manager. This tool can effectively retain your PC history. You can use its feature named as Built in search field, this feature can allow you to find out the correct data among these 100 entries.


  1. My Folders

To have a smooth access of your Windows folders, this tool is made for you. With the help of its context menu, you can easily look for your important files and foldes. This tool My Folders is quite easy to use. It is also customizable.

My Folders

  1. CCleaner

If you want to clear up your PC from all kind of junk then this effective and useful tool is here for you. It is true that any kind of junk in your PC can affect its productivity level. This tool speeds up the processing of your PC. It scans files and disk for you.


Do try these Top 12 and Free Windows Productivity Apps and let us know your comments.



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