It is the time to get the best and free plugins, you can use these plugins for your Photoshop. They will make your work easier and also faster. We have seen that Adobe Photoshop tool is mostly used by many of the designers. This tool has a powerful and strongest functionality when we talk about the tasks of designing and too editing. If you will make use of the plugins and these extensions then you will be able to get new possibilities to further expand your creativity.

Tip: 30 Best Free Photoshop Scripts

  1. Velositey

For the creation of your web templates, you can use this Photoshop plugin. It has over 60 templates. You should use it because it will not restrict the process of your workflow. It has  pre-generated sort of 1170 grid systems. It is Bootstrap compatible, because of this feature, all of the designers will really like the functionality of these plugins.


  1. Retinize It

It has three actions and they are, 1x for the task of slicing selected and chosen layers. 1x, 2x for selecting the element and then 1x, 2x, 3x for selecting the elements which are scaled 200%. This plugin is perfect for all of the developers who really want to slice UI-elements for their iOS and also for their web designs.


  1. Random User Generator

To create and develop a placeholder user data. If you want to save your time then you can for sure use this Photoshop plugin right away.


  1. Photoshop Prototyping plugin

For the conversion of your static designs right into some interactive prototypes, this plugin is recommended. It is too compatible to Sketch. It can give you the option to export all of your designs in the format of HTML or PNG format.


  1. Renderly

To export your screens and also assets in a quicker way, this photoshop plugin can be utilized by you. It has a powerful design, you can too create global elements with the help of it.


  1. Composer

For the information, it is compatible with Photoshop CS5. It can well manage all of your layer comps in a less time.


  1. Breeezy

This plugin can well add multilayer in the range of export functionality right into your Photoshop. You can smoothly export all of your design elements, you can get one with your design processing faster by using this plugin.


  1. Layrs Control

Layrs Control can let you modify and too manage and handle your layers in a balanced way. You can too rename as well as remove the unused effects. You can flatten your layer effects and then convert those layers into the smart objects.


  1. Cut & Slice Me

To export your assets right into your iPhones and into your Android phones, you can utilize this plugin. This plugin can give you the option to cut your data and saved files in the PNG format and then you can export them in many and various sizes.


  1. Flaticon

To get the perfect and most amazing looking icons for your design project, here is the Photoshop plugin for you. You can have a look at the 30,000+ icons through this plugin and they are available in the formats like that of PNG and too SVG, and PSD.


  1. is also one of the suggested Adobe Photoshop plugins. It can enable and let all of the users to easily and smoothly create their designs. You can too have a preview session of your creative and well-designed prototypes.Through this preview processing, you can make a better and a proper selection of your Web fonts.


  1. White Balance / Highlight Recovery

Try to use this Photoshop plugin because it can automatically make an adjustment of your image white balance. It can do this task by maintaining and retaining its highlight. In a matter of few clicks, you can maintain this white balance of your image in a proper way.


  1. CSS3Ps

It is a cloud-based plugin. It can allow you to convert all of your layers right into CSS3 and that too in an easier way. It comprises of many of the features, you should try its feature vendor prefixes and text layers, use its cloud service feature.


  1. Mr. Stacks

It is also a cloud-based plugin. For the conversion of your layers into the format of CSS3, you can utilize the features of this plugin. It comes with amazing features like vendor prefixes and layering of texts and cloud service.


  1. Long Shadow Generator

It is a recommended one Photoshop extension so that you can create and develop a long shadow with the help of a single click. It can create a shadow in black or in white color. It can give a flatten shadow or a gradient shadow.


Do try any one of these Top 15 and Free Photoshop Plugins.


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