If you want to create and come up with a color combination palette for a new design of yours, then keep in mind that is one of the difficult tasks. Many of the designers spend an extreme amount of time in completing this task. For the completion of this work, you have to get inspiration. Then you have to pick the colors and also shades. After this, users have to fit those colors in their current designing trends. Yes, it is a painful process.

Here you can take help from these best color combination tools; they will let you create pixel-perfect color palettes, color schemes, background generators.

Color Palette Generators tools

Adobe Color CC

This is the brand Adobe that knows maximum about the designs. It is the creator and maker of Photoshop as well as Illustrator. Through this tool, you can easily save your color scheme right to your Adobe Creative Cloud.

1. adobe-color-cc

Color Hunt

Color Hunt comprises of hundreds in numbers of professionally picked color palettes. They are the flat design sort of color palettes. For the information, this subjected site is handled by a bunch of designers; they are the one who adds these new color palettes on each single day.



This BrandColors website will let you know about the color palettes from all of the famous and well-known websites like that of Airbnb, Facebook, and Google.



You only have to move the mouse cursor of yours right around the screen. When your favorite color comes, then click on it and save it right away. You have to repeat this process until and unless you get your desired color palette. This is the function of Colordot.



It is one of the powerful tools. It is used to generate and come up with unique color palettes. It also creates color schemes and import colors from the existing websites.

5. colorexplorer


It is too a useful tool for all of the designers out there. It makes the color palettes, its grabs hex color codes. You learn about the color conversions and shades.

6. colorhexa


It is much similar to ColorDot. By using this tool, you can make a color palette all by moving your mouse. You too generate palettes which are based on the types of monochrome and analogic.



You should know that this COLOURlovers is one of the largest community of designers. Through this site, they share their bonding and love for colors. This particular site has this broad and extensive selection of color palettes and also patterns, shapes.

8. colourlovers

Material Design Palette

If you are linked with the mobile or with the app design industry, then this tool is perfect for you. This tool allows you to quickly generate and create a color palette for the material design projects of yours.

9. material-palette


You should try this tool because it is one of the most interesting color palette creators. Through using it, you make the color palettes which have been inspired by a place.

10. palettr


ColorBlender is a little bit of difficult to use. This tool lets you download all of your color palettes right as Photoshop color tables.

11. colorblender


If you use this tool, then you can make a color palette in less time. It let you make an adjustment in the colors and rearrange them.

12. coolors

Color Wizard

With the help of this tool, you will be able to find and search the bunch of matching colors. You only have to enter the color code, and then this device will come up with the range and choices of matching color options.

13. color-wizard


It works in a similar way as that of Color Wizard. It generates and creates shades; it makes tonnes. This tool mixes colors which are based on the single primary color.

14. collor

Flat Color Picker

Can use this tool to create a color palette for your flat design projects. You can easily copy the hex and RGB color codes directly from the website.

15. flat-color-picker

Color scheme generators


You should check out this website because it comes with a huge and wide collection of these color schemes. These color schemes are all created and made by the professionals.

16. designspiration

Color Palette Generator

It let you create the color schemes which are wholly based on the images of yours that have ben uploaded by you. You can copy the color codes by using this tool as well.

17. canva-color-palette


This site has this amazing collection of color shades and schemes, color palettes. You should use its feature which is called Image DNA. By using it, you will make a color based on a photograph of yours.

18. colrD

Color Hunter

It generates and makes the color schemes right out of photos. By using this tool, you can search for sure upload an image and then you can generate a color palette.

19. color-hunter


It is one of the advanced and current color scheme generating tool. It is made of the serious and most professional designers. This tool has these advanced options so that you can customize and also create unique color schemes.

20. palleton


If you want to create the color schemes with the help of usage of images, then do try this tool. You can download your color palette right as an Adobe Swatch file by using this useful tool.

21. picataculous

Flat Color Palettes

It is one of the useful sites because it lets you to browse and also select flat design color schemes. It has over and about 2,000 color palettes.

22. flat-color-palettes

Palette Generator

You can easily upload multiple in numbers images, and you can also create multiple in a range of color schemes by using this tool. It is a reliable tool.

23. palette-generators

Big huge Labs

It is a useful color scheme generator which created by Big Huge Labs. It creates and makes color palettes. You can also import photos right from your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

24. big-huge-labs


It is an easy tool for the making of your color schemes. For the generation of a color palette right from an image URL, you can do that through this tool usage.

25. colorfavs

Cohesive Colors

It is this single tool that gives you this option to create and make cohesive color schemes. You can easily customize your selected colors so that you can create your unique palettes.

Color Combos

To make different color combinations, this tool will make things much easier for you. You can easily customize your palette. You can add more columns. You can download palette as well.

Background and Pattern Generators

Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns are one of the reliable resources if you want to download and get hold of some beautiful patterns. They are free of cost. This site has more than and about 400 patterns which are uploaded by the professional designers.


It is a fast tool. To make background patterns by the fusion of free images, this site comes with this feature. You can use its library, all of its tech related images, you can make unique backgrounds by using it.

Pattern Cooler

This tool comes with hundreds in numbers of beautiful patterns.You can download them just for free. You can make editing in your patterns and change their colors as well.


Patternizer helps you to make your unique kind of CSS striped patterns. You can do customization in them according to your width and gap requirements, opacity demands.

Noise Texture Generator

You can customize noise density and make an adjustment in the opacity by using this tool. It is the much easy-to-use tool for the making of your noise-based textures.

Tartan Maker

If you have gotten much tired of making striped patterns, then this is the coolest tool for you. It will help you to make new and exciting things.

Striped Backgrounds

It is one of the unique and creative background generators. You can make your striped backgrounds by choosing your color scheme.


You have to come out from the stripes, and by using this tool, you can make some coolest dotted backgrounds.


It is a handy tool; it let you generate and create some of the basic CSS patterns. By using it, you can quickly draw your patterns, and then you do the customization in it.

Trianglify Generator

This tool makes use of triangles so that you can generate the unique patterns for yourself. You will get the patterns similar in the look of these mosaic designs.

Seamless Background Generator

This subjected background generator tool makes use of Font Awesome icons so that the users and designers can create and make unique patterns. You can customize the colors and you can mix different and varied icons for the making of cool patterns.


It is the easiest tool to use for the making of striped backgrounds. The tool contains different options for the customization of your designs.

Color CSS gradient Generator

For the making of beautiful and amazing CSS based gradients, use this tool. This tool lets you to copy-paste that CSS code right on your own site design so that you can customize the background easily and smoothly.
Do try these tools!


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