It is the time that you should be transporting your designs back into these retro fonts. Yes, these retro fonts are free of cost. Transfer your designs in these amazing looking font styles. As we know that thousands in a number of free of cost fonts are available. We have to shortlist beautiful 20 retro fonts for yours. Try them up right now, you have already loved using these handwriting fonts as well as these cursive looking fonts. But right is the time to try these retro fonts:


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This font can add that classy and vintage look in your designs. It is designed and created by Agga Swist’blnk. For the information, is the very latest and current version of Rochoes typeface. This font style is excessively used at the commercial levels and too at the personal scales.

1.Free Retro Fonts


It has been created by Mehmet Reha Tugcu. Here in this font type, you can have both of the rough as well as urban versions of it.

2.Free Retro Fonts

Say It Fat

It is free of cost Retro font. It has been designed by Timo Titzmann. This font will give your design a bold look. It comes with slab looking typeface. If you want to make appealing and striking looking poster, then this Retro font is best for you.

3. Free Retro Fonts


It has been developed by a graphic designer named as Kady Jesko. You can have this Retro font on your laptops, on your computers free of cost.

4. Free Retro Fonts

Lazer 84

If you want to get back to the 80s style, then this Retro font should be tried out by you. This subjected font can well transport all of your designs while giving them 80s look. It is developed by an art director named Juan Hodgson.

5. Free Retro Fonts


This font has been designed by taking inspiration from brush lettering. This font will give your design a dynamic kind of flow. You can download it free of cost.



If you want to give your designs a kind of touch of classic geometry, then go for this font as soon as possible. It is created by a graphic designer; he belongs to Brazil named as Antonio Rodrigues. It is heard that Antonio Rodrigues has by far come up with four of the versions of this font.

6. Free Retro Fonts


This font style comes with an arcade kind of themes. It is designed and created by Philippe Moesch. He is a graphic designer by profession. Its fonts are available in both filled and also in inline options.



This retro font can give your designs to get that 1920s look right away. It has been designed by Zarni, he is a well-known graphic designer. Here, in this font style, you will be able to enjoy thin letter forms, try out their bold serifs.

7. Free Retro Fonts


It is developed by Anna Pocius. This font comes with a flashy kind of look. It also encompasses in it all of the contemporary styles. If you want to make headings as well as logotypes, then go for these type of fonts.

8. Free Retro Fonts


If you are facing trouble to make catchy looking headlines and also titles then you should be trying Canter! It is created by Christopher J. Lee. He is from New york and a creative designer by profession. This font type has been especially designer for posters work and too for headlines making.


Betty Noir

Yes, without a doubt, this Retro font is one of the worth checking out fonts so far! It is created by Blambot. This famous company has always created and come up with amazing looking comic fonts. You can try their lettering as well.

9. Free Retro Fonts


It is too free of cost and you can have its trial version as well. Its extended version will sooner be available in the market.

10. Free Retro Fonts

Alt Retro

This font can well come up with all classy looking creative designs. You can too call it with a name of a playful font. Just play with its fonts and come up with dazzling styles and designs.

11. Free Retro Fonts

White Rabbit

It is created and made by Alice Creative. If you want to give the coolest kind of effect to your designs, then this font should be tried out by you.

12. Free Retro Fonts


You can try out this vintage in style font in two of the versions. Its letters can be featured in both of the curved designs too in the basic styling.

13. Free Retro Fonts


it is designed by Dieter Steffmann. Its font comes in the variations of uppercase lettering. You can try its font all available in special characters as well.

14. Free Retro Fonts


You can call it as one of the most beautiful looking Retro fonts so far! Do you know that Arwen had been the name of the character present in Lord of the Rings, yes it is true!

15. Free Retro Fonts


It is designed by Tyler Galpin. This font can be called as a charming in style retro font. This font style has been basically being created by taking and drawing inspiration from the posters of National park.

16. Free Retro Fonts


It is developed by Olina Martins. You can call this font style as vintage in style font. Give a stylish design to your posters and incorporate these fonts in them.

17. Free Retro Fonts

Do try these 20 best retro fonts and share your experience with us.


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