These days, we are coming across hundreds and thousands of free JS libraries. It is a fact that when you get these free JS libraries then it becomes tough for you to sort them out. Some of the Javascript libraries comes out to be a discarded one and some get a widespread and wide in range of adoption. Here you can check out these recommended and top 12 Javascript libraries. Though they are less well-known but at the same time, they are also rising rapidly.



For the information, it works with SVG and also with the canvas elements. For the making of graphs and charts, to get the dynamic visualizations right on your web, this is the correct Javascript library for you. It is free to use. It is the powerful and strongest visualization tool. As we know that it is built on JavaScript. It is a highly recommend Javascript library.



There is no doubt that it is one of the fastest and massively growing JS libraries by far. For the management of your local packages, this is the one for you. It is a perfect development toolkit. It can work with perfection with the remaining tools as well like that of Gulp.



It is the recommended choice by all of the professionals. If you are looking for a powerful kind of digital interface library for your front end development then is the correct Javascript library for you. This library is not powered by Facebook. But at the same time, it is a healthy alternative when it comes to the front end space



When we talk about the web animation and handling of digital media, then we talk only about this Javascript library. It is not only a single library but you can say that it is a suite of libraries. It is built up and created for different and wide for range purposes.



With the help of this Javascript library, you can well create the apps which are all powered by Node/Express and also by MongoDB. It is completely free but it is new in the market. It has a long way to go when we talk about the professional use of it.



This Javascript library is getting massive attention these days. Its syntax is quite and much simple. You can easily understand the working of this Javascript library. As we have entered into the world and battle of front end frameworks, that is why this Javascript library is quite a worth of!



It can help you to create JS-powered applications, real-time chat apps and also social communities, you can create custom dashboards with the help of it. You can call it as a beast of a library. It has lots and bunch of features in it but you have to learn the use of these features.



For the creation of bar charts and line charts, to make bubble charts, you can use this subjected Javascript library. It is the simplest JS library when we talk about the data charting. To make data graphs, this Javascript library is highly recommended. It is quite easy and convenient setup. It is too easy to customize.



This Javascript library is right now in the development stage. It is right now tested against many of the modern browsers so that we can get to know that how it will function on the VR devices



It is true that this concept of web animation is a new one! For making web animations, we have this Javascript library. It can take you to the path of 3D animations.



It is free and also an open source library. With the help of it, you can write any kind of functional JS code and can too work with the existing UI libraries. For the experienced developers, they should use this Javascript library because it will be complicated and a tough subject for the beginners.



It is a dense kind of library. For the beginners, this is the one for you. It is not a detailed one Javascript library but it makes use of vastly different sort of syntax in JS and also in HTML.

All of these Javascript libraries, the entire JS community should try them for once. Though these Javascript libraries are at the development stage, but for the professional and beginners, they should try any one of these for the better management and handling of their tasks.


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