If you’re anything like most people, logos play a huge role in your life without you even realizing it. There’s a good chance that you’ve eaten at a new restaurant because its logo sparked your interest and your appetite. You might even base your clothing and car purchases on the logos that are stamped on them.

Why? Because logos are one of the world’s most powerful branding tools. Good logos make clients want to interact with a company and can spark fierce brand loyalty—but bad logos make prospects turn tail and run from your brand. Of course you want one that has a positive affect on your company. To make a truly great design, you’ll need to choose the best elements to include in your logo.

Some design decisions—like typography and symbols—will vary from one brand to another. But according to Company Folders, a printer that specializes in logo services, there are several secret ingredients that all great logos have. Take a look to see which ones your logo has—and which ones it’s missing!

12 Useful Design Elements for an Effective Logo


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