The year 2015 has brought some dramatic changes, and only half of the year is passed that some of the biggest mobile design trends have already emerged, and there are yet more to come. There is a plethora of mobile design trends that are innovated, released and then they obsolete or become out-dated due to the new trends that evolve every day. This greatly influences the user requirements, and five rise to new and new innovations on daily basis. The last couple of years we have experience minimalistic designs, flat designs, etc.

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These things show that mobile devices have the majority viewers nowadays, and this makes us tell you about the top 5 Mobile App Design Trends of 2015. In case you were thinking to redesign mobile apps, or pop out a fresh idea, then this list of 5 Mobile App Design Trends are must check out list.

1) Subtle Color Palettes

You will come across some big and bold colors that are used in web designing, while the same opposite will occur when it comes to mobile apps. This is because the mobile designs are stepping into the minimal designing, and much of the designers will be moving back on to the color palettes.

1) Subtle Color Palettes

1) Subtle Color Palettes-2


Subtle colors will replace the bold and flashy color palettes, and this is an excellent move. However, the bright hues will become appealing and might become a distraction. Therefore, subtle color palettes will aid a lot to gain user attraction for much better concentration.

1) Subtle Color Palettes-1

You shouldn’t be confused with subtle color palettes, as there is a list of contrasts that are to be added. The major difference would be that the fire hydrant red and neon green color would be warm, instead of hot. This greatly stimulates flat designs for perfect optimizations, thus making the elements more appealing.

2) Animated Elements

Animated Elements

Mobile devices are vastly in expanse, and this dramatically facilitates greater interactions. There could be nothing better to gain more interaction than use of animations. One shouldn’t be that much surprised if he sees more of it, unless and until it is related to mobile devices.

The main focus shouldn’t be only to make the app stand out from your competitors, rather expecting more animation usage in a better and motivational way for a pure visualization. Animations can greatly accelerate users for a pleasurable experience. If animation is implemented properly, it can provide the users with easier time, and an interactive display.

Animated Elements-1

Animations provide mobile designs a more realistic approach to easily blend with the user behavior. So, animations do provide entertainment plus make the app more appealing to its targeted users.

3) More Scrolling

Scrolling has taken the mobile design to a new level in 2015, and we anticipate it to be optimal among the mobile designs. Scrolling feature makes sense to take a step ahead. However, the biggest trends are the introduction of parallax scrolling commonly found in Responsive Design Websites.


Parallax scrolling makes animation more appealing and interactive. As the traditional designs that you experience are either flat or one dimensional. So, parallax adds more attraction and gives the user a “NEVER BEEN” experienced before interface.

There exists some modular and infinite scrolling among many mobile apps apart from the parallax scrolling. This is mainly because some of the responsive designs was the modular scrolling. However, vertical and horizontal scrolling both are used to create some stunning effects to make the user experience more appealing.

4) Storytelling

4) Storytelling

Storytelling is taking a whole new shape in mobile designs apart from the effects that are already in use. In fact the mobile designs would not rely more on actual words in order to get their story across the user. The whole story will make greater interactions.

Mobile designs are becoming more interactive and they stimulate their focus on UX and UI. Ultimately, elements are used to make user the “Character” of “stories”. Yes! We are focusing on the bold images, top quality and creatively sorted video for greater user experience.

4) Storytelling-1

Finally, appealing storytelling strategy can greatly influence the user experience, and the way they will act to the conversion tools. Sooner you will notice that animation will be used along with storytelling to bring stories to life.

5) Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred Backgrounds in mobile apps

Blurred trend is already viral and could be found among many responsive designs, especially in websites. The same trend has been adopted by mobile apps, and they not only create a creative visual design, but also help the user to focus on the key points. Blurred Effects also enhances the call to action buttons stand out.

Blurred Backgrounds and images also allow your user to identify what is more important and intractable, and what is not. This allows creating call to action buttons bolder in order to make them unique.

Blurred Backgrounds in mobile apps-1

Blurred Backgrounds not only ensures making sure that you press the buttons to converts, but also they interactive creatively with storytelling. There will be a great use of translucent elements used in mobile interface. They also provide a minimalist and clear design.

Final Words

The Big Mobile Design Trends can make mobile apps appealing and more interactive than ever. The world nowadays is shifting more towards the mobile trends, and this greatly increase the demand for brilliant designs.


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