As the time progresses, each year that passed, there are so many new designing developments in the making. This web design field is kept changing with the use of the new and improved tools, sequence of work, and to construct the layouts by practicing.

It is very difficult to do an estimate on the specific trend is going on that draws the attention in so many ways. Still the old histories give us the design which is growing very quickly. Below you will find out the 20 Web Design Trends You Must Know for 2016 and will continue to grow even more.

Web Design Trends 2016

1) User Interface Design for Sketching App

It has been seen that sketching is rapidly changing the ways of Photoshop for the user interface tasks. From high and low demonstrated dimensional model and other designed icons.

Sketching application is the MAC app that is made for the mobile and web developers. It gives you so much smoother atmosphere for crafting the aspects to connect with the system. It has also some previous features you can expect from the Photoshop such as, layers and text styles.

Sketching application

There are still no proven that sketching for windows will release. But still it brings you the value with cheaper rates by giving adobe the money to run and provide the user interface experience design which will grow in 2016 as well.

2) Integrated Development Environment Based On Browsers

It has been a very long time since integrated development environment is around for the years with notepad options for visual coding studio. It helps to write down the codes with the arrangements of words along with other characteristics.

Traditionally, it was released as the app for the desktop. But the recent years we have seen so many effected changes in based on the browser. They don’t need any software, just a web browser. That allows the developers to write the codes using computers with internet connection. CodePen is a playground for the front end web. Build a test case for that pesky bug. Find example, design patterns and inspiration for your projects.


Mozilla Thimble is in the beginning process for many developers to learn the codes and testing the frames without downloading the necessary files. CodePly is another awesome tool for comparing responsive frameworks.

3) Free Mix of SCSS and SASS

A computer modified data are being around for quite for some time. But a long ago the value of feeling in the complete web design field was changed, Today, its look like very bizarre writing the CSS while SCSS can give you more you desire.

The main benefit which is increased is the mixing of SCSS and SASS to come together in the main function of the CSS. When you are about to write the tune, a number of developers has released these free mix online in so many ways.

Bourbon is a simple and lightweight mixin library for Sass. You can also find more on github mixin.


4) Arranging the Card Layouts

Arranging the card layouts website is very famous and now has become the latest trend, using heavy contents, in jQuery Masonry to copy the arrangements using the animation cards in several ups and down ways.

jQuery Masonry

A card layout is the perfect for the pages to put the data on the scan, for advertising of the landing page to the Google application making it optional.

5) Custom Explainer Video

Every large and small companies use this ongoing trend. They are made with animation tool, but some videos are being made into reality of life directly from recordings. Crazy Egg is an example of custom explainer video.

The purpose of this explaining picture recording is to highlight the service that work. A visitor may need to see the properties of the idea of the products which picture recording shows specific things in some minutes of time.

If you want to try more in depth, try Udemy Course and learn on video for landing page design.

6) Preview the Products Live

The landing page of this design is very amazing. It is also great for the internet and for other browsers. Previewing the products live is the best way to put them on the main page of your website.

For example, a product of slack, it shows the tour of the graphics and a little glimpse of how this product will work.

  • slack

Webydo is an amazing example for showing live animation playing on the website.

7) Automatic Runner of All Tasks

The development of the work has been changing with some practices which you are best in known as the creation of a website. This automatic runner of all tasks builds the system and used for changing the old efforts manually.

7) Automatic Runner of All Tasks

This automatic task brings the quality in codes and when you put it in machines, they won’t do any mistake either, the more you out effort in it the better the results and without any problems occurring. Gruntjs and Gulpjs are tools automate and enhance your workflow.

8) JavaScript apps for Mobile

Using the perfect tools for the right job is very fascinating, when it comes to making mobile applications using JavaScript for Androids and IOS is primarily objective.

But now it is becoming very easy to develop the alternatives for the mobile apps with complied aspects. NativeScript and React Native are alternative libraries for native apps.

NativeScript and React Native

The process of this does leave the impact. Now JavaScript is becoming the answer for using codes who wants to develop mobile applications without learning anything. Phonegap is easily create apps using the web technologies you know and love. It’s based on HTML/CSS/JS code.

9) Cooperative Designer Tools

For over a decade instant chatting and sending the message is the traditional trend which relies on the text and attaching files with it.

A brand new trend is rising that gives you the ability to share them using the same app in the chat room. Where comments are on the right side and below the designers has made share button. Notable lets you take any interface screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. You can quickly reply or suggest a better idea.

10) Responsive Frontend Frameworks

It is like keeping around for many decades and proven useful methods for personal projects and professionally as well. This quick supporting design is run into the supporting structure and created the front codes rather than any other.

In the coming 2016 we can expect some great quick supporting front structure and will contain the value in their projects. It seems a number of developers is impatiently awaiting the release of the organizations in Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6 of the person’s project.

Bootstrap 4

foundation 6

11) Focus On Great User Experience (UX) Designs

The way of this design will continue to increase quickly, with the help of the developers and designers efforts. It is also the main consult with the final goal, meaning it is the fabulous work ever.

In the past several years, this user experience is applicable with the designing. Using the resources E-book and stock experiences, if you lack the knowledge of it, then it is the perfect time to understand all the digital forms of it.

12) Package Manager for the Web

This manager of the web packages has been rising rapidly practical state is their need to develop latest modern websites. With the help of Bower and NPM can save your time making new ideas.


Mastering the art of the new technologies will need some time to learn it. If there is anything you can know about the front structure, then manager of the web package education of the command process slowly getting it and eventually use it and never want to go back.

13) Advance User Experience Animated Design

To start the advance animated were used on the web and it requires so many JS and SCSS properties. At that time the things which were impossible to build now can be done freely with it.

Advanced UI Animations

Animated function is not a recommended to get a better design. But still it can turn it into a more reliable design that works accordingly.

14) A Designer Learns to Use Codes

The most talk about things is how a designer learns to use the codes. Some might just say it is not the right one to do. Others spend too much time and left with embarrassments.

All this discussion and amazing posts about the topic look very emotional. But having a great design idea is just a photo without the codes. So designers focus on the where they need don’t need to work for hours crafting it.

15) Free Tools to Use Online for Website Application

This is used in all types of setting on the desktop and persistently made great apps for the websites using free tools.

Here you will find anything from URL encoding/decoding the overall from the main Markdown editor.

16) Process of The Website Elements

They are basically made to solve all your complex issues that developers are facing. The WebComponents website has some resources and tools to get a new beginning in it. If you have your doubts about its understanding its structure and model elements trying check below for solutions.


It doesn’t work as you think physically, the latest technology that is available can be learn by mastering it. You can simply learn the codes by reading the tricks of the model elements.

17) Learning the Online Materials

This is the simplest way to learn anything you need that comforts you on your computer. It looks like online learners are increasing rapidly by the new courses are coming out in each year.

It will give you the courage before you take the online training course  Treehouse and CodeSchool. The awesomeness to find new websites Bitfountain and Learn-Verified.


18) Side Server of the JavaScript

There are some options that server-side has been given permission to do very fast using Node.js. Many developers are being addicted to it by watching its language and competitor level.

The main thing is that it is for the lovers who never stop planning Node Package Manager  and consistently increasing their research this big trendy work in 2016 as well.


19) Touching website supported properties

Smart mobile that supports browser and touch features and works with all the old stuff, it has been seen that the manual properties of it are very limited and goals are much apprehended.

Photoswipe and Dragend.js are two plugins built to handle swiping and tapping on touchscreen displays.

20) Material designs for the website

The success of the android designs is based on its material design which seem the work of the processing and use experience in the androids.

Designers take their time and out their heart in the work to develop new type of language, but seems like this trend goes way more far than the apps which designed in it.

People who want to develop this type of websites have to make the manual code for the outer structure with the best organization materials designing.


  1. Nice article.
    Design trends keep on changing with time, but the basic idea of providing a pleasant user experience remains the same. Website defines your identity. While designing, make use of the space effectively. Use images and headers that are visible and give a clear idea about what you offer. Responsive designs are must now.


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