Do you want to be a web developer and don’t understand where to start from or which program language to follow with? There are so many resources that can help you start learning programming languages such as, frameworks like swift, Angular-IS responsive design or coding in general. If you know where to seek them, they are available everywhere on the web.

But still there some people who prefer to learn better via videos and too many of the web design lessons are being contributed and made available on YouTube. Below we are featuring the useful 20 YouTube channels you can visit over and over again to understand and learn various aspects to do with web development process. These are all free way for learning web development that includes HTML5, PHP, JS, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, Design tutorials as well.



Code-course channel can help you learn codes for web development for free. There are great videos about how you can make an awesome CSS using neat and bourbon, building MVC applications in the PHP and learn the materials for PHP from the basics straight up to the practical application.

Some things you can learn: CSS, PHP, hosting

Dev Tips

Dev tips can provide you weekly tutorials and in each video covers a specific topic thoroughly that is easy to follow in a manner. You can learn the basics of CSS, HTML, and many more. The creator also shows his experience in developing a personal website for the ideas, creating web components, wire framing to see the final results.

You can learn: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

Level up TUTS

A man named Scott TOLINSKI runs the channel and covers the web building and CSS styling frameworks including, CMS for word-press, angular JavaScript, and many more. In the design category he covers all the tutorials about sketch apps, sketching tips, and guides on how to use features. He also shares a new video two times in a week.

You can learn: CSS, HTML, angular JavaScript, PHP design


This channel regularly gives programming tips and courses with many great topics that you can learn covers from front development such as, J-Query, Gulp, CSS, and JavaScript and end development OOP, PHP. There sometimes when there are videos are being shown on useful tips, like advising on how to write good codes and topics for windows 10.

You can learn: node JavaScript, PHP, My-SQI, design (illustrator and Photoshop)

Learn Code-Academy

This channel can help you become a professional web developer, with ranging topics to emerging all about the web development. You will learn the basic fundamentals of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and modular or Es6 cheat sheep. You will also see some tutorials of web development tools as well.

You will learn: CSS, HTML, including node and angular JavaScript and deployment strategies

Mackenzie Child

It covers various topics in web development, from coding to design, to launch web apps on rails and ruby. There are 12 different applications ranging from blogs, apps to the PINTEREST clone rails.

Things you will learn: ruby on rails


 This channel presents video tutorials on programming in so many languages. The most interesting thing about it is that it covers the topic of programming in the whole video at the same time. You can see objects oriented like, SASS, CSS, Ruby, Swift, Dart, JavaScript, and many languages.

Things you will learn: Ruby Go swift, dart, CSS, JavaScript, and Visual C

It is a podcast channel that is totally about web development. The topics it introduces from CSS to HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and rails also include design like, wire framing, and prototyping.

You can also learn: ruby on rails, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

TUTS+ Web Design

Tut+ creates video tutorials and courses to help you master the skills in web designing. You can learn including, layout on Photoshop, mastering Bootstrap and Dreamweaver. You can also build and implement SASS, Responsive layout and compass. Help you making themes for tumbler and many more.

Something’s you will learn: design (Dreamweaver, Photoshop) CSS, and HTML


Here you can find free video courses from this channel. It aims to help you mastering web development technologies such as, SQL, CSS, PHP and many more.

You can learn: HTML, JavaScript, PHP and SQL

Coder’s Guide

In coder guide you will learn computer programming broadly. You can easily start from CSS, HTML and Java Script and move on to advanced topics. Like responsive websites or applying word-press themes using bootstrap.

You will learn: PHP, JavaScript, Java, visual basic, and HTML

Brad Hussy

This channel is run by brad hussy that features free courses on coding for web developments. Some topics include, how to build website from scratch using CSS or HTML, coding dynamic websites, using PHP and many more. Also includes web hosting videos and also shows how to become a great freelancer.

You will learn: CSS, PHP, HTML, and Java

Google Chrome Developer

It shows web development with best practice, HTTP 203, about Google polymer, and interesting tips and tools of series of how you can use web fundamentals tools and apps.

You can also learn: Google polymer, HTML, and Java Script

Code Geek

 It is a channel that usually talks about tutorials, courses, events, and webinars about coding and web developments. Its contents are related to node-JS, angular-IS, frameworks, python, couch-base, SQL servers and many more.

You will learn: frameworks, angular node-JS, PHP data base, and mongo-DB

Google Web Designer

This channel is all about learning the functionalities and features of the Google web designer tools, plots, using tutorials to build great websites.

You will learn: CSS, JS, HTML, and designing

CSS Tricks

This is a YouTube channel to learn CSS tricks. This channel shows mainly topics on web design relate topics, including, responsive design, SVG, CSS and many more, some screencasts about word-press development as well.


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