Check out the top 10 and recommended jQuery form validation plugins from here. With the use of these plugins, you can customize your error message. You can too simplify the creation and development of your validation rules.

  1. Parsley

For the information, it is an extensible plugin. This plugin offers and comes up with ordinary options like that of localization. It gives custom validation and remote Ajax validation options as well. Its documentation is easy to read and present in a clean way. You can control its Validation rules by making use of HTML5 form. You can use custom data attributes for the controlling purposes.


  1. jQuery Form Validator

It is a kind of modular plugin. This plugin comes with a basic and primary set of these validation rules. This plugin will let you load more modules. You can give your input suggestions as well. Its Validation rules  are  controlled by using this HTML5 data.

jQuery Form Validator

  1. jQuery Validation Plugin

With the use of this validation plugin, you can well specify all of your custom validation rules. You carry out this specification process by making use of HTML5 attributes. You can too use JavaScript objects. It comes with an API so that you create your own rules. It is heard that if you want to get a detailed and complete information with regard to this plugin then It is quite hard to get that. This plugin is limited to this jQuery 1.x,

3. jQuery Validation Plugin

  1. Bootstrap Validator

This subjected jQuery validation plugin is created for Bootstrap. If you will use it, it will show and display all of your error messages right from the browser.

4. Bootstrap Validator

  1. Smoke

This validation plugin does not actually make use of native kind of browser validation. It cannot translate and localize your error messages. For the specification of validation rules, you should use HTML5 or Java script.

  1. FormValidation

This validation plugin comes with built-in integrations. It comes with huge in number validation rules and options. If any app of yours is in complex form then this validation plugin is recommended for you.

  1. Validatr

It can be controlled with the use of HTML5 form attributes. You can make use of this validation plugin as a polyfill. You can use it to customize your error messages. Your validation rules will be created in a simple manner.

7. Validatr

  1. Validetta

You will see that this plugin gives you the validation options if you will use the data attribute. This plugin comes with limited in number options.  You can use its basic and primary validation rules. It has one and single unique feature in it, you will notice that its error messages are showed in a bubble form.

  1. jQuery.validity

With the use of this plugin, you can control validation is you will use JavaScript only. This plugin does not support the use of HTML5 or other data attributes. The only drawback of this plugin is that it cannot give you enough of the options so that you can make your writings an efficient one. It does not allow and permit you to make use of the latest and current HTML5 attributes. This plugin does not give the option so that you can check whether the form is valid one or not.


  1. h5Validate

This plugin is created by Eric Elliott. We have heard that the creator of this jQuery form validation plugin has himself abandoned this plugin. When you will open this plugin then you will see this 404 error message. This plugin fails to show any sort of error messages. As this plugin is not operational these days but we hope that in future, this plugin will get some new breath.

So this is the recommend and suggested list when it comes to the popular and famous one jQuery form validation plugins. If you use them then do share your using experience with us. We will let you know other form validation plugins as well so stay in touch.


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